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Luxe Body Oil
  • Luxe Body Oil

  • C$23.00

A light and elegantly simple moisturizer for the entire body.


  • This formula deeply penetrates into the layers of your skin, providing lasting hydration without leaving any surface residue. The warm blend of essential oils gives off a rich, earthy scent that lingers through the day.
  • Key properties:
  • - Lightweight and easily absorbs into skin
    - Soothes muscular aches and pains
    - Can be used as a massage or bath oil
  • Scent profile: Sweet and slightly herbaceous with a long, earthy finish.
  • Directions of use: Rub on skin to release scent. Apply to entire body as needed to achieve desired hydration. For a luxurious treat, put a few drops into the bath.
  • If this is your first time using this product, we recommend that you perform an allergy test before use. This can simply be done by applying a small amount to your forearm and waiting for 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs.
  • 4oz | 120ml
  • Made in Canada