All-in-One Cuticle & Nail Cream

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  • Formulated for those who:

    • have dry cracked cuticles
    • suffer from frequent hang nails
    • experience brittle soft nails
    • get frequent manicures and need to repair nails in between

    Give your cuticles, nails and nail beds the ultimate care with our multi-benefit All-In-One Cuticle Cream. Active ingredients such as plant keratin and biotin strengthen, repair and protect nails, while other emollients and actives keeping nail beds and cuticles hydrated, soft, and bacteria free.

    Plant Keratin and Biotin strengthen, repair and protect nails. Plant based emollients keep cuticles hydrated and soft. Antiseptic ingredients keep nail beds healthy and bacteria free.

    This 22ml tube is made of 71% PCR (previously recycled plastic). 

    Made in Canada