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Exfoliating Body Bar SALE
  • Exfoliating Body Bar SALE

  • C$10.00


We add tons of ground apricot seed to this recipe making the bar very exfoliating and perfect after a workout to cleanse and exfoliate.


  • Bar is 3.50+ oz. and packaged in a round silver tin. The scent is a blend of over 8 different botanicals and our signature 100% essential oil scent blend for our Modern Men's Care. It is best described and fresh, invigorating and herbal.
  • DETAILS: These extra gentle soaps are made of the finest vegetable oils, pure essential oils, and ground botanicals for color and texture. We use a high quality olive oil as the main ingredient for our soaps. All our soaps are made 100% from scratch using age old methods. These Castile (Olive oil) soaps will not strip the skin of its natural oils, but works with your skin to smooth, soften and rejuvenate.
  • INGREDIENTS: saponified oils of olive, coconut, RSPO-certified palm, shea butter, ground apricot seed, powdered coconut milk, and a proprietary blend of essential oils.