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Candlestick Grove -Set/3 Black Beeswax
Candlestick Grove -Set/3 Black Beeswax
  • Candlestick Grove -Set/3 Black Beeswax

  • C$450.00

The series was named after seeing its resemblance in form to a grove of alder trees. Better in numbers.


  • Steel // Hand made by using a slug of steel, heating it up in a forge, cooling half, then crushing down with the brute force of a power hammer. Surface hand finished while still hot by melting beeswax into the pores of the steel. Every one unique in form by the nature of the process.
  • Candleholders measure 3", 4" & 5"


  • Beeswax // Mould poured beeswax candles made one at a time by hand on the Sunshine Coast of BC. The aroma of these candles burning or not, will make you want to take very large breaths losing your self in the bumble bees wax creation from their natural order.  
  • Each candle measures 14"
  • Set/3 replacement candles available for special order, please email [email protected]