22 May 2017

Frazada Collection

Styling your home with these hand woven textiles from Peru could be just what you need to freshen a room up. We love seeing them layered on the floor or even tossed on a bed for just that right amount of colour and texture.

We are lucky enough to have partnered with Matria Home to bring you a collection of one-of-a-kind Frazada Rugs. These colourful textiles are made with 100% sheep wool in Peru using traditional weaving techniques taught from one generation to the next. Each community uses their own signature pattern, and each colour and symbol has a different meaning. The women who weave our rugs are mainly shepherds and they work the wool into threads while they are out in the fields. Natural dyes come from insects, roots, herbs, plants and fruits. The shades of each colour vary depending on the amount of times that the wool is washed with the colouring ingredient.

The weavings are made on wooden looms, on one side they are tied to a pole, the other is tied to the weaver’s waist. All looms are the same narrow width; this is why the larger rugs are actually two small rugs sewn together. It takes about three weeks to weave a rug. Using an alpaca bone the size of a comb, they make intricate symbols that reflect their mood, special occasions or festivals. They are really one of a kind, no two are the same and each one tells a story, just like a journal.

These textiles are originally used as blankets or bed covers, as the sheep wool is cheap and it keeps the freezing mountain temperatures bearable. In the rest of the world, we see them as rugs, sofa throws or hung on the wall as art pieces.

To keep the colours bright for many years to come, avoid frequent & direct sunlight. It is best to simply shake them regularly to let the dirt and dust fall off.  When really dirty, dry cleaning is recommended, but you can spot clean with cold water and gentle soap.

Our selection in the shop is always changing depending on what becomes available.  We have runners and larger area rugs. Widths for the runners are approximately 30in wide and vary in length from 60-72in. The larger ones are approximately 72in wide and vary in length from 65-72in. 

We have created a Pinterest board to give you lots of decorating inspiration! Happy pinning!


photo: Treasures & Travels



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